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To foster a spiritual learning environment where children become increasingly aware of their responsibility to the community.

Our schools are endeavoring to create leaders in the community, collaborative learners, confident problem solvers, literate students, smarter consumers, critical thinkers, responsible citizens and children and young people who will feel a responsibility for the future of Christianity. The Church of God Academy is a unified loving community of faith that believes in Jesus Christ so “that the world may believe.”

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"As a mother I am so thankful that there is a place where I can send my children to receive an education and I can fully trust what they will hear. Knowing that they are able to learn academically, as well as spiritually strong values is invaluable; it is a debt I can never repay."
Catherine LePelley
I am a practising health practitioner whose five sons graduated from the AYLMER Christian school academy with a far superior education than I ever received during my secular public and secondary school years. A University of Western Ontario professor remarked on one of my son's academic university performance saying that it was a rarity to see students with such proficient background in English grammar.
Dr. Peter Tovstiga
I have attended the Church of God Academy for 13 years. In addition to our academics, we were taught to pursue the most happy and fulfilling life by devoting our lives to God and our suffering world. All violence or any kind of discrimination were prohibited. If you want to be treated with real love, attend this Academy. You will never regret that you made the choice.
Serena Friesen
Graduating Student